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Life's ups and downs

Sing your Song

Sing your song of life long and well a choice of paths casting spells find your purpose live it strong make a mission travel on.  

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Life's ups and downs

The Child Within

Listen to the shrill child within. we are still in possession of what we were so hidden within this child of light down there somewhere covered up deep behind those eyes once filled with beauty. it was OK to be you. but, when you listened to the lies the world told you it took away… Continue reading The Child Within

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Life's ups and downs


Take time to watch clouds move through the vintage blue sky. many pass love by because they cannot surrender their hearts. others lose their patience and flee because real love grows slowly. let the wind lift your gaze to the rhythm of the high trees so that you look at the one you love the… Continue reading Vintage

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Life's ups and downs

The Rich and the Famous

Those poor souls the rich and the famous so misunderstood because they may have lacked happiness so lonely and isolated they discovered notoriety and possessions did not fill their hearts. they acted out their suicidal tendencies and are no longer here. yet, sympathies for the well to do may be somewhat lacking for many do… Continue reading The Rich and the Famous

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Life's ups and downs

Life is not Real without Wine

Life is not Real without Wine let's toast to reality as we know it. wine will always taste like wine lifting our spirits inside this body of ours until the day comes we meet our own transition into the unknown void as each moment passes we create another memory through the mechanics of our mind… Continue reading Life is not Real without Wine

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Life's ups and downs

Love Now, not Later…

Go now! Go thou out in thy world and love and be loved call it lust call it romance call it what you will make up your own words for it as long as you know what your heart's true intention is... do it whilst you still can with all your might for time is… Continue reading Love Now, not Later…

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Life's ups and downs

The Good Citizen

Look down the street at all those pretty little houses in rows. play it safe be like them say the right things be agreeable be likeable be nice you will be rewarded in due time raise your hand when it's your turn to talk speak when you are spoken to do the right things be… Continue reading The Good Citizen

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Life's ups and downs

Be not one to Conform

I can never go back to the way I used to conform as one looks around he finds everything tells him he is not OK the way he is I say we should pursue our own original ways... everything else we hear is a lie we want to believe so the liars tell us the… Continue reading Be not one to Conform

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Life's ups and downs

Of Which Lies Underneath to Shun

There is madness in those who love broken things broken people a world through their swollen eyes the road travelled no way to go home through all the magical and the terrible thorns the only thing some of us know is best left unfixed nothing there to love everything of which lies underneath to shun.

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Life's ups and downs

This thing called life

This thing called life is not under our control the fear thereof is worth noting there is fear of pain in death as well as pain of life and if god were to assure us no pain in dying and no further pain in living then there would still be a preference between the two… Continue reading This thing called life