Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice poem by steven james humphreys

this magnetism pulls on opposites tearing its own seams fire and ice desire and hate absorption into one another disintegration transformation falling into pieces.


It hasn’t dropped yet

It hasn't dropped yet a poem by steven james humphreys

this is my life welcome to it I get up I do what I do after I get up early to feed my pets often, I go back to sleep it is I wake once more (because my dog has to be let outdoors numerous times throughout the day because he is old. I do …


Tumbler, love, romance, poem, steven james humphreys

It's a plastic key which turns that tumbler in the metal lock break it off play it safe take the word love evolves in its own timeline with a shifting elusive everchanging understanding from youthful love to enduring love love, long seasons of drought long seasons of change grows wings flies away comes back to …

To Those who broke hearts

untold stories. eons ago. the unfaithful. those who broke hearts. memories gone, sealed in time. lost love, memories gone belonging to he who has long been dead? what of past conscience? we will never know justice. all pain is forgotten. all lovers forgotten. all asleep and sleep forgets. yet, is all forgiven? time heals. time …

Those mothers who were there

those mothers who were there

Let us celebrate those mothers who were always there for their young with an everlasting love filled gratitude holding their spirit highest on a pedestal... although, on the other hand we have always brought with us certain acknowledgements to those females whose hearts were never into it their sincerity lowest on the rung of the …