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Love and loss

When love is there

Simple. when love is there you know it... there is no question when it is there. no doubt. easy goes as the sun is yellow, the sky is blue and the breeze is warm. there is no question of love. there is nothing hard about it. you know this when you are old and gray.… Continue reading When love is there

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Love and loss

Falling Short

you never got what you really needed from old mom and dad back on the farm. but, you continued... deciding life must go on. with that pitchfork in your hand you went back to your chore of shoveling that hay to all those horses and cows. and, then you realized at some point that 'falling… Continue reading Falling Short

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Love and loss

Those Secret Feelings

never saying hello. never saying goodbye. not a word spoken. infatuation in vain. secret feelings never coming to fruition. the unattainable are not available nor ever will be. so many who are available so willing to take their place in a world where 'nice' is never sexy. funny how scarcity rules so many in their… Continue reading Those Secret Feelings

Hills of Lorelei poem by steven james humphreys
Love and loss

Hills of Lorelei

what you expected I have not given. forgive me not I have been gone you are barren for I gave little to fill your empty sea flowers will arrive nor fill your heart with love as you pray to the father above bewitching men below sending them to their death it is this lad who… Continue reading Hills of Lorelei

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Love and loss

A Happy Ending

we want life to have a happy ending. we learn the hard way. you don't know what's going to happen next in life. all we have is this moment without knowing what's going to happen next. and, what is life without people? I know it's lonely for I learned I wasn't an island... you surely… Continue reading A Happy Ending

love is like a flower, poetry, steven humphreys
Love and loss

Love is like a Flower

Love is like a flower. when it is plucked, possessed against its will thrust into a vase it soon fades away dropping petals like tears drooping crumbling dying a youthful untimely death. yet, leave it be where it truly belongs free and uncut it multiplies its sprouted seed spreading like a vibrant colored kaleidoscope vine… Continue reading Love is like a Flower

those mothers who were there
Love and loss

Those mothers who were there

Let us celebrate those mothers who were always there for their young with an everlasting love filled gratitude holding their spirit highest on a pedestal... although, on the other hand we have always brought with us certain acknowledgements to those females whose hearts were never into it their sincerity lowest on the rung of the… Continue reading Those mothers who were there

my poem for my love, romance, marriage, wife, steven humphreys
Love and loss, Nostalgia

My poem for my love

My poem for my love is not eventual it is for now soon it will be noon the afternoon will become tomorrow I read to you these heartfelt words we've got all day as time creeps along at its own pace I thought of you where I am I thought of the warmth of our… Continue reading My poem for my love

In the house of love, loss, loneliness, poetry, steven humphreys
Love and loss, Nostalgia

In the house of love

In the house of love we lived our lives within bounds of unspoken rules of love running through the days we tried to do what we wanted leaning up against walls moving in the dark our gardens grew tall branches lengthened the windows fell a home crumbled into shades of light and dark but, we… Continue reading In the house of love