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Love and loss, Nostalgia

In the house of love

In the house of love we lived our lives within bounds of unspoken rules of love running through the days we tried to do what we wanted leaning up against walls moving in the dark our gardens grew tall branches lengthened the windows fell a home crumbled into shades of light and dark but, we… Continue reading In the house of love

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Love and loss

So, what of love?

So, what of love? why have we let it pass us by so often? why would we seek bad feelings over joy? is it our nature to suffer so? we will die with two regrets; that we hadn't loved more and our hearts were not kinder.

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Love and loss


her relationship with common man was simpatico; resting together like butterflies upon flowers in a field of dreams fluttering their wings in the morning sun. her power usurped by its own femininity was that simple. in strict manner of ipso facto 'the secret of life became no more than living it'. yet, she unwittingly lived… Continue reading Simpatico

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Love and loss

The last kiss

Of course, as usual she knew long before he they had kissed their last kiss as she scraped off the last spoonful of extra creamy cookies and cream ice cream from the bottom of its half gallon container. She reminisced... about the time they went to the happiest place on earth... They walked hand in… Continue reading The last kiss

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Love and loss

Finding you

I can't stand to see a bug stepped on. you would agree that bugs don't have it all that good. if god wanted me to know the answers in life, he would have already told me. I cry for those who are lost, because it used to matter to me when I was lost thinking… Continue reading Finding you

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Love and loss

This empty heart

by what name do I call on you oh great one? it is you, the one who fills this empty place I call my heart? it is this empty spot where my soul used to live. it is where I used to have faith in my fellow man. but, he hath betrayed me once too… Continue reading This empty heart

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Love and loss


When he dies no hearts break he has no face no origin no past no place no one knows him he walks the streets alone that strange something you didn't know until you took one good look you sensed something was there it was that you would want the same for those who loved you… Continue reading When

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Love and loss

Letting go

Lost love letting go this you will know another time another place that used to be you another face you are a changed being on so many levels and once you've gone on you can never return to that which you've already learned you are welcomed by your soulmate to be in letting go releasing… Continue reading Letting go

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Love and loss

Cold shelter

Cold shelter bold shoulder make believe cover your feelings that much bolder sift through time you are the beholder wallow in freedom you get nothing but older let it go in nine time flew out the heart's window like a dove it's yours and mine love gone cold revenge is so bitter and sweet below… Continue reading Cold shelter

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Love and loss


My love for you is always like leaves falling Yes, I know It’s no big deal But, you have to take a closer look to appreciate it Look at all the falling leaves See their beautiful colors There’s Reds, Greens, Yellows, and Browns Look at them Aren’t they beautiful falling in a breeze? We sit… Continue reading Always