kitty in a shoe box

kitty in a shoe box poem by steven james humphreys

kitty in a shoe box is not asking for a lot but, it's all I need he's my lot. I feed him give him treats I bought, play with him with his toy I got for him when he was a kitten: a mouse on a string with a bell that goes ding a ling. … Continue reading kitty in a shoe box

city of ants

city of ants poem by steven james humphreys

as I do my yard chores my electric weed whacker whirls you can hear that familiar echo whipping grass up and down my common street. but, I came upon a city of ants edging my grass and now, I don't cut through their mound which is their home and they have a family just like … Continue reading city of ants

creation from zero

this mysterious seemingly endless universe one day just went 'bang'? appearing out of nothing? a creation from zero? hard thing to wrap your mind around... therefore, until you understand the concept as to how the universe was created, the double slit experiment and that atoms are filled with mostly empty space, do what I do … Continue reading creation from zero