Desert cactus poem by steven james humphreys

Desert Cactus

brethren desert cactus standing tall raindrops puncture rolling waves of buzz cut hair crawling down there hidden in tree branches handiwork of God keeps the mind dry it grows crooked, not straight to sun baked air.    

This Dream of Mine poem by steven james humphreys

This Dream of Mine

I walked in a distant unfamiliar garden I ventured into it with a dark cloud encircling my head on this garden path birds feared me they should not have I came to transform my troubled nature and find peace subject to the invisible hand of God trees were bending drooping their limbs leaves gliding meandering… Continue reading This Dream of Mine

Windy days a poem by steven james humphreys

Windy days

we hoped this day would never come but all days like seasons do end My soul yearns for windy days like these by the seaside we build our castle made from shifting sand like a lonely sea stack sifting my fingers through scattered memories and broken sea shell remnants a renewal of mind, emotions and… Continue reading Windy days

desert, night, stars, wildlife, alone, drive your car

It’s on Zzyzx Road

Driving to the Desert at Night windows rolled down anticipation growing passing freeway lights underpasses coming up one last mile Zzyzx Road turnoff milky stars black sky cloaked night shooting stars you're the only driven car for a hundred miles in all directions park the car walk out stretch and yawn look up ruffling birds… Continue reading It’s on Zzyzx Road