Squirrel running on my wall

son of squirrel poem by steven james humphreys

it's a hot day as I go outside on the side of the garage, and my baby squirrel sees me as I call its name 'hello my dear little friend...' I say softly. and it runs all the way from front to backyard on top my six foot tall wall and hops over the other … Continue reading Squirrel running on my wall

a prayer for my little plant

my favorite plant Hypoestes phyllostachya wilted in the heat. God sprayed pink paint on each leaf... such a beautiful natural masterpiece. my dear talk-less friend I have had for years on my front porch many times nearly dying springing back to life as I watered it.. it was always happy to see me I felt … Continue reading a prayer for my little plant

etched somewhere in a cavern

etched somewhere in a cavern poem by steven james humphreys

pain came with me stitched deep within my skin carving wrinkles on my face dulling my eyes so the world looked dim I dreamt I loved life once upon a time etched somewhere in a cavern where Stalactites drip slowly growing long where I used to think God couldn't see those strange darkened visions as … Continue reading etched somewhere in a cavern

creation from zero

this mysterious seemingly endless universe one day just went 'bang'? appearing out of nothing? a creation from zero? hard thing to wrap your mind around... therefore, until you understand the concept as to how the universe was created, the double slit experiment and that atoms are filled with mostly empty space, do what I do … Continue reading creation from zero