In the morning poem by steven james humphreys
Haiku, Nature, Spiritual and beyond

In the morning

In the morning I look out my window and everything is still there like it was the day before. it is with this predictability that when I look out to the blackened sky on a starry night I know God must be out there, somewhere.

In the midst poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

In the midst

In the midst of catching a glimpse of such a wonderful fluttering butterfly I was born I wondered who would know it was once a caterpillar without knowing them? and, then came the dark clouds in a flurry and thunder clapping the lightening flashing the rain pounding down I wondered where the butterfly had gone… Continue reading In the midst

surrounded by trees poem by steven james humphreys

Surrounded by trees

home again, surrounded by trees. my dearest trees. weeping leaves. arms of branches. they know I'm here. they know I love them. they feel me and I feel them. they are aware. they know things. there is nothing I like better than to be surrounded by trees. for, they call out to me. and, I… Continue reading Surrounded by trees

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Sitting in my backyard

These days, I ask for little. How I love the natural world. it never fails to renew my spirit. just sitting in my backyard. surrounded by this simplicity makes me new again. it brings a feeling of agelessness to my old bones, all within the presence of that magical vibration. I sit there hoping some… Continue reading Sitting in my backyard

Neurotic and proud of it
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Neurotic and proud of it

Years ago a shrink diagnosed me as 'neurotic'. Imagine that. what a surprise, a poem writer who's neurotic. Gee, how often could that happen? seems to add fuel to my posts. it's nice to know when you're in good company. Some poets had a harder life than I. Poe drank heavily. He collapsed and died… Continue reading Neurotic and proud of it

This green, blue, yellow and brown poem by steven james humphreys

This field of weeds

Pastels in nature in this field of weeds I cannot let go of it it is infused within my very bones these greens, blues, yellows and browns this sunlight, this warmth it is time and my life depends upon it yet, I cannot part with it Of this I am because as I sit hidden… Continue reading This field of weeds