walking, mountain trail, water fall overhead

Walking under Mist

I took a walk inside a photo under the misty waterfall on a mountain trail. it was cool there. I felt water vapor. the air was fresh and there were other friendly hikers. a railed fence kept you safe from falling over the edge. I wanted so much to walk up the mountain trail to… Continue reading Walking under Mist

walking in the woods, something is following me, it is invisible

A Walk in the Woods

Walk in the woods. hear footsteps behind you. be careful... fear lives through your every step. pinecones and needles crunch. you sense the invisible is following. you remembered... a spider swung on the pendulum of the grandfather clock. and, a fly landed in his sticky web. trees pass as you walk. that eerie presence persists.… Continue reading A Walk in the Woods

nature, wind, universe, god, trees, message, prayer

When the Wind Whispers Low

When the wind whispers low in winter sowing, god's bounty speaks in spring seedlings growing. an entire universe breathes its quiet endless flow through summer trees gently making autumn leaves flutter and drop scattered in uneven rows. don't miss nature's voice, listen with your inner ear. it speaks language in sun, wind, clouds and rain...… Continue reading When the Wind Whispers Low

flower garden, walking, nature, birds, lizards, friends

A Walk through the Flower Garden

You soon find out you don't know it all when surrounded by nature's beauty. it is an immersion of the soul in sheer awe... it's not enough for me to stroll through a garden of flowers. no, not at all. it's my inherent duty standing in the shade like a monstrous carved granite statue enthralled… Continue reading A Walk through the Flower Garden

dove, pool, drinking, slopped on my shirt, foolish old man
Humor, Nature

Reality is a Dove outside Cooing

This is the reality we both live by. yet, one is one and both pass us by. the dove returns on TV and I hear its coo. but, overhear another as if it's not in my room. and, I am right, it landed slow a few feet outside my sliding glass window by my windswept… Continue reading Reality is a Dove outside Cooing

cat, dove, pool, visits me, cool day, overcast
Nature, Pets

My Cat and the Dove

I woke, opened my vertical blinds and looked out and there was my dove. it didn't have its partner. they haven't been together for some time now. I believe they do pair for life once they have decided. I wondered what had happened. the other day I noticed there was a dove who seemed like… Continue reading My Cat and the Dove

nature, god, life, beauty, finding purpose

Look to Nature

Search your soul as hard as you try look to nature the sun in the sky seek goodness and mercy from rain falling above let wind fill your mind with visions of white doves believe your heaven is here where you are feeling comfort gazing at heavenly stars an everlasting scheme we cannot shake without… Continue reading Look to Nature

drifting, meditation, walking, backyard, birds, lizards, birdbath


I walk outside drifting about within my own meditation for a few minutes and look around at the greenery and stand still. I see my birdbath and it has leaves so I rinse it clean filling it with fresh water I look at the ground lizards on the brick wall bathing in the sun tilt… Continue reading Drifting

the beauty of the sunset, poetry, nature, steven humphreys

The Beauty of the Sunset

The beauty of the sunset is knowing there will be a new dawn a raindrop will look like a gem running down a flower's stem chirping birds and the sea so deep and the sky so high reveals there is something in the air that keeps each there and so it is inherent within everything… Continue reading The Beauty of the Sunset