Divine nature

Divine nature

rivers flow to the ocean mixing into its vastness wind blows through tree limbs ruffling its leaves flowers turn their heads to the sun eagerly opening their petals clouds form chasing each other through the sky dropping rain the ground swallows up moisture growing a new weed nothing of heaven and earth is single abiding… Continue reading Divine nature

darkness blows like wind

darkness blows like wind

the warmness of the day brings laughter to children at play old men and women lay as they yawn and stretch under covers of comfort in the coolness of the night burning logs in the hearth smoke, pop and sizzle until they become glowing coals growing dimmer as each hour passes it's outside where darkness… Continue reading darkness blows like wind

Sun mistress poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

Sun mistress

sun mistress shining heat breath of life encircle keep red and white cheeks of roses flowing hair in fields of wheat perfume of planted pungent dirt my love is rare and further deep she walks upon another ground I shall never stand upon I hear her sound sweet music immortal mirth a goddess never touching… Continue reading Sun mistress

Bird poem by steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs, Nature, Spiritual and beyond


the bird tweets his song the sun glows the wind blows the clouds form and the days are long nature will do what it does whether or not we are here the burden is ours for what we get out of life and although we can't blame God for everything who likely gets most the… Continue reading bird

black water river poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

I’ll be a black water river

I'll be a black water river slow flowing dark water who took its time over brown and glittery rocks with mossy hair my fish would be well fed moving and wiggling about my mind leaves would sink like lead weights resting on blackened pebbles white sand on my shores surrounded by trees looking down to… Continue reading I’ll be a black water river

old forest poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

old forest

within all the old forests with big tall trees there is a spirit there you won't feel in younger forests if you are going to cut those ancient trees down they know you are coming for them they have their own way you don't mess with the trees talk they have souls a collective entity… Continue reading old forest