Neurotic and proud of it
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Neurotic and proud of it

Years ago a shrink diagnosed me as 'neurotic'. Imagine that. what a surprise, a poem writer who's neurotic. Gee, how often could that happen? seems to add fuel to my posts. it's nice to know when you're in good company. Some poets had a harder life than I. Poe drank heavily. He collapsed and died… Continue reading Neurotic and proud of it

Surrounded by nature haiku by steven james humphreys

Surrounded by nature

Time spent surrounded by nature is where one may renew his soul, if he is so inclined. yet, nature is everywhere, no less a flower in a glass.

This green, blue, yellow and brown poem by steven james humphreys

This field of weeds

Pastels in nature in this field of weeds I cannot let go of it it is infused within my very bones these greens, blues, yellows and browns this sunlight, this warmth it is time and my life depends upon it yet, I cannot part with it Of this I am because as I sit hidden… Continue reading This field of weeds


Somewhere between all these things

Oh, God do I find you here? You must be close by, for I feel vibrations of nature's beauty. It is you who made it. Colors so vivid. Cool water babbling. Fish bobbing. yellows, oranges and browns. water mirroring the sky. trees looking down upon me. rocks lining the shore. I wander about your house.… Continue reading Somewhere between all these things

This Dream of Mine poem by steven james humphreys

This Dream of Mine

I walked in a distant unfamiliar garden I ventured into it with a dark cloud encircling my head on this garden path birds feared me they should not have I came to transform my troubled nature and find peace subject to the invisible hand of God trees were bending drooping their limbs leaves gliding meandering… Continue reading This Dream of Mine