The Psychologist's couch poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Nostalgia

The Psychologist’s couch

I asked my shrink many decades ago his diagnosis of me. 'Neurotic', he replied. I asked him what that was and he briefly described it. it didn't seem too bad to me. I was OK with it. So, later on I married a suicidal psychopath. she had seen the devil on occasion and do other… Continue reading The Psychologist’s couch

I'm Sending a Message poem by steven james humphreys

A Message Sent

he sent a mental message to the past life of a boy he used to be and to an adolescent the young man and beyond through middle age and to the old man to change his earlier paths so that his life would transform miraculously magically before his eyes that all this was not real… Continue reading A Message Sent

I Watched Welcome to California 1953 quote by steven james humphreys

I Watched Welcome to California 1953

I Watched 'Welcome to California 1953' old cars, old buildings, old fashioned clothing everything old... the good old days. they were better then. better than now. much better. more freedom, fewer laws and restrictions. everything's screwed up now thanks to all the law breaking criminals and ass_ _ _ _ s who don't give a… Continue reading I Watched Welcome to California 1953


A rather ordinary life

I live a rather ordinary life Bukowski on the other hand lived the extraordinary life I must not have had enough women slip through my fingers nor drank enough wine one cannot complain and say he wants a better life for I am not motivated to create anything different only one regret I didn't drink… Continue reading A rather ordinary life


Someday, These Will be your Good Old Days

Someday, These Will be your Good Old Days. Fond memories. And, things you'd rather not remember will become gray. you will know why all those old geezers like old cars, old music and things bygone you never even knew existed.

sadness, loneliness, drunk, wine

This Bottle of Wine

In the park the trees were greener the sky was bluer the birds were happier and the dogs barked and the cats meowed much better when we used to walk together and talk god was there. all I have now is memory of you and this bottle of wine and one long stemmed filled glass… Continue reading This Bottle of Wine

rhetoric, life, poetry, steven humphreys

In seamless rhetoric

Words in seamless rhetoric promise lies alive eccentric ill at ease sickness death in reality drunkenness and physical white light impartiality darkness nonphysical invisible drifting mindless angels and aimless devils floating flying crashing down chimneys always thinking feeling consciousness seeing hearing hot and cold love drinking smoking cigars above and below endless marriage divorce and… Continue reading In seamless rhetoric

if I were born before, poetry, steven humphreys
Life's ups and downs, Nostalgia, Spiritual and beyond

If I were born before

if I were born before... four times even more don't let me go through this mess I've made for myself once again tell me what's in store believe you me I never get bored then I stay in my mind amusing myself trapped in time have I rebuilt my bastion full of ego and passion?… Continue reading If I were born before