unlike man poem by steven james humphreys
Pet poetry

unlike man

unlike man you never know his true intention but a dog wags his tail and there is never any question about it.

Franken kitty poem by steven james humphreys
Love poetry, Pet poetry, Spiritual poetry

Franken Kitty

I saw franken kitty on TV lonely no one wanted him he lost one ear and was blind in one eye some teeth were missing and he was old and afraid but someone caught a glimpse of the beauty within his soul and saw the longing for love in his eyes and decided to take… Continue reading Franken Kitty

Love poetry, Pet poetry

my beautiful boy

I woke in the middle of the night with a swift hitting cat paw on my back I remember five times tap tap tap tap tap... but I was not alarmed my beautiful boy wasn't there I sat back in my chair the next day and an invisible tail whisked by touching my leg and… Continue reading my beautiful boy

It's OK, it's only Mark again poem by steven james humphreys
Pet poetry, Spiritual poetry

It’s OK, it’s only Mark again

It's OK, it's only Mark again the little ghost child who teases he pitter patters running through my hallways pounding on the walls scratching crayons penciling in his artistry one time, he drew a cat a very lovely cat with beautiful golden eyes it meowed, licked its fur and curled up in a ball and… Continue reading It’s OK, it’s only Mark again

Neurotic and proud of it
Nature poetry, Pet poetry

Neurotic and proud of it

Years ago a shrink diagnosed me as 'neurotic'. Imagine that. what a surprise, a poem writer who's neurotic. Gee, how often could that happen? seems to add fuel to my posts. it's nice to know when you're in good company. Some poets had a harder life than I. Poe drank heavily. He collapsed and died… Continue reading Neurotic and proud of it