howl poem by steven james humphreys

the howl of a dog how they love their children playing piano and the guitar in the way it makes so much sense to them filling us with joy. what beauty in motion such laughter, piano and guitar solos adding so much happiness to our lives.

creation from zero

this mysterious seemingly endless universe one day just went 'bang'? appearing out of nothing? a creation from zero? hard thing to wrap your mind around... therefore, until you understand the concept as to how the universe was created, the double slit experiment and that atoms are filled with mostly empty space, do what I do … Continue reading creation from zero

I never thought I’d feel this way…

It's Friday night and this is my drinking night I never thought it would be this way looking out my window to the stars this way that I'd feel the loss of my 'Bubba' dog this much and miss him so through time I feel so haunted he's not here and it never seems to … Continue reading I never thought I’d feel this way…