At First Light of Dawn poem by steven james humphreys

At First Light of Dawn

Before the first light of dawn my kitties and doggie wake to be fed My clock says it's the same time they must have little clocks in their heads their feeding bell tolls for me out of bed I roll taking great care of my friends How lucky I am they need me back to… Continue reading At First Light of Dawn

You just might meet a new friend

You just might meet a new friend

If you feel you have no direction in life and are lost with no path to follow you just might need a kiss and a hug Who said you weren't loved? immerse yourself in those things you are passionate about doing get off the couch turn that old TV off and go for a drive… Continue reading You just might meet a new friend

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Tale of the Cat

They do not read they do not lie tale of the cat is the life I live by. Be they little be they brown it matters not they remove my frown head to tail. jumping from cat trees up and down playing with strings going round and round my cats my dear friends keep me… Continue reading Tale of the Cat

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Cat in a Suitcase

Cracks in the sidewalk cat in a suitcase Steam goes the train Colors in your eyes druthers in surprise spiders crawling wise children drawing lies is it messy? prissy and pressy costume dressing candy messing puppy caressing kitties condescending get a map and pin it on the wall throw a dart take a bus to… Continue reading Cat in a Suitcase

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My Cat and the Dove

I woke, opened my vertical blinds and looked out and there was my dove. it didn't have its partner. they haven't been together for some time now. I believe they do pair for life once they have decided. I wondered what had happened. the other day I noticed there was a dove who seemed like… Continue reading My Cat and the Dove

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The Great Continent of Meow

Animals animals wherever I look can't move an inch they've conquered every nook (and, cranny) kitties sitting pretty everywhere you look except in the other room with lonely 'ol granny who's looking at glossy colored pictures in a cat book. I knew they wanted me to stand on my head to stare and laugh at… Continue reading The Great Continent of Meow

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My Cat and the Dove

Is there more to this thing called life than its own face value? When I look at my cat he patiently watches the dove landing near my sliding glass door by my pool the dove drinks from the border of my whirlpool which connects to the main pool I do not want more than this… Continue reading My Cat and the Dove

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Nature, Pets, Spiritual and beyond

When I am with you

When I am with you my soul is content you are part of me your sky where birds glide your greenery where squirrels forage your earth where my feet walk you are heat you are cold your warm breeze flows through my heart your presence always bringing comfort and joy to my ever yearning soul.… Continue reading When I am with you