Of a Consistent Nature poem by steven james humphreys

Of a Consistent Nature

dogs and cats inherently have a consistent loving nature always giving unconditionally in abundance as love from man and woman always is alien in nature conditional made with endless hidden strings.

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The Flip Side

Our oldest cat is dying it has been a slow hard time I am devastated watching him sink into death's clutches he's in no apparent pain just extremely lacking in energy so tired and limp and old I think about seventeen or eighteen years old now I love him boundlessly and feel so helpless I… Continue reading The Flip Side

My Best Friends in the World poem by steven james humphreys

My Best Friends in the World

Oh, God I love them so why have you let my doggie and kitties grow so old? why has our time with them passed so quickly? they have lived many years and have given us much joy they have a hard time now doing what they used to do very easily my doggie cannot run… Continue reading My Best Friends in the World

At First Light of Dawn poem by steven james humphreys

At First Light of Dawn

Before the first light of dawn my kitties and doggie wake to be fed My clock says it's the same time they must have little clocks in their heads their feeding bell tolls for me out of bed I roll taking great care of my friends How lucky I am they need me back to… Continue reading At First Light of Dawn

You just might meet a new friend

You just might meet a new friend

If you feel you have no direction in life and are lost with no path to follow you just might need a kiss and a hug Who said you weren't loved? immerse yourself in those things you are passionate about doing get off the couch turn that old TV off and go for a drive… Continue reading You just might meet a new friend