Measure up quote by steven james humphreys

measure up

someone would never know another didn't have confidence feeling they never 'measured up' it is their 'secret burden' they carry upon their shoulders how they think about themselves makes them what they are because how they think is all they see.  

Billions of Hallucinations quote by steven james humphreys

Billions of Hallucinations

Isn't it amazing once you finally 'get it' you see we are essentially all alone individually within our own experience of life... everyday life to me seems unreal, yet at the same time, as real as it gets... I believe this is a self created hallucination of ours amazingly what our minds have made through… Continue reading Billions of Hallucinations

Neurotic and proud of it
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Neurotic and proud of it

Years ago a shrink diagnosed me as 'neurotic'. Imagine that. what a surprise, a poem writer who's neurotic. Gee, how often could that happen? seems to add fuel to my posts. it's nice to know when you're in good company. Some poets had a harder life than I. Poe drank heavily. He collapsed and died… Continue reading Neurotic and proud of it

I became a child again

I became a child again

Once I set aside all I'd learned I was a child who knew of nothing except innocence then I learned something I could see the world through my window with clean eyes and without judgement far beyond the wisest man I began crying profusely because I saw clearly those things I'd done despite being old… Continue reading I became a child again

The Age of the Liar quote by steven james humphreys

The Age of the Liar

turn on the TV hear the liar speak a voice of one on every channel ear and mind deafening everywhere truth is weak you lost your choice shout it loud and he will snuff your voice out and make you into a dead head just like the growing crowd of followers our sacred history books… Continue reading The Age of the Liar