In God We Trust poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

In God We Trust

Each morning I read about all the death and destruction mankind brings I yearn for the almighty swift sword to come down through the billowy clouds and wipe out all those terrible evil men with just one horrible bloody ruthless swipe cut them down in their tract like a farmer's sickle clears a field of… Continue reading In God We Trust

Change Thy Nature poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Change Thy Nature

You might wonder why bad stuff happens to you no matter what you try to do I have always wondered this about me I have come to the stark conclusion it can't be for any other reason you see other than to change thy own nature we can act differently, yes indeed but, being different… Continue reading Change Thy Nature

One of Seven Sins poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

One of Seven Sins

These are such proud folk who don't regret a solitary thing they've done in life I have heard them speaking so hard many times before I am not among their ranks, but deeply sorry for so much wrong I've done So much so, I can't even remember everything I'm sorry for... but, God remembers every… Continue reading One of Seven Sins

Theory poem steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond


Stonehenge people created looking through the stones summer solstice and the winter solstice slaughtered animals men, women and children feasted burial grounds extraterrestrial stone lifting folklore Fermilab theory of relativity smashed atoms God particle quantum physics the small and the large theories.

pillars in the sky poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Pillars in the Sky

sky pillars floating islands upside down my thoughts came to be things materialized before my eyes what I wanted was created in a bright flash I flew through the air at the speed of thought to the end of the universe and back I wanted to have no more than this until suddenly I began… Continue reading Pillars in the Sky

Having Fun in the Hard Time House poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Having Fun in the Hard Time House

Are we having fun yet? for the sensitive maybe a prayer is in order... 'God, have mercy on me as I am a sensitive soul keep me, my pets and those I care about healthy and don't subject me to too much pain make my life happier than sad keep me from drinking and driving… Continue reading Having Fun in the Hard Time House

Spiritual and beyond

Bum on a Park Bench

You look down your nose at me you think you are smart with your degree as you work your life away a slave to the system I, on the other hand chose to be a faceless Bum on a park bench I didn't want to be a part of the system you think is so… Continue reading Bum on a Park Bench

Light coming down through the clouds poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

Light through clouds

Life is God's game does he want to make weak men into strong men through life's trials and tribulations? you will have to ask a strong man this... was there ever a day you were weak? how do weak men survive despite evil men in an indifferent world? he will pray a lot because much… Continue reading Light through clouds

Gall poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond


How could one have enough gall to say he ever knew anything about anything tall with cock-sure certainty all man's poems, songs, writings, literature, philosophies, scientific research and theories trip and fall the human feeling the innate experience expounded regardless of whether the writer thought he knew or not he nevertheless unknowingly cried out to… Continue reading Gall