tree poem by steven james humphreys
Haiku, Nature, Spiritual and beyond


I have to say without doubt it matters not the tree its soul speaks to mine because they know I am one of them they utter words my inner being hears with truest delight.  

black water river poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

I’ll be a black water river

I'll be a black water river slow flowing dark water who took its time over brown and glittery rocks with mossy hair my fish would be well fed moving and wiggling about my mind leaves would sink like lead weights resting on blackened pebbles white sand on my shores surrounded by trees looking down to… Continue reading I’ll be a black water river

old forest poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

old forest

within all the old forests with big tall trees there is a spirit there you won't feel in younger forests if you are going to cut those ancient trees down they know you are coming for them they have their own way you don't mess with the trees talk they have souls a collective entity… Continue reading old forest

In the midst poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

In the midst

In the midst of catching a glimpse of such a wonderful fluttering butterfly I was born I wondered who would know it was once a caterpillar without knowing them? and, then came the dark clouds in a flurry and thunder clapping the lightening flashing the rain pounding down I wondered where the butterfly had gone… Continue reading In the midst

Talking to your Soul haiku steven james humphreys
Haiku, Spiritual and beyond

Talking to your Soul

Believe in you for better or worse so that on your deathbed your soul won't be nagging you, beating you over the head with, saying... 'I told you so. you should've had faith in me, because I was your inner voice, your intuition who whispered softly as you chose instead to believe what the world… Continue reading Talking to your Soul

our numbered days poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual and beyond

our numbered days

What do we now do with a life unfulfilled? can we ever live long enough to complete it in a way that's agreeably final? has anyone ever taught us to pray? does anyone need to? what is the right way, so that we get prayers answered? I waited and waited. But, I pray all the… Continue reading our numbered days