love the darkness poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

love the darkness

'God shines on souls loving darkness as well as upon those who love divine light. he created all blackness and brightness... for man loves dwelling within each' ~ Steven James Humphreys ~

beetle on my nightstand poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

beetle on my nightstand

We can say we exist. we can say to ourselves that 'I am'. this self we believe we are, where does it live? believe me, I have looked far and wide... I can only say I see the room before me where I think I am. and, then a colorful beetle landed on my nightstand… Continue reading beetle on my nightstand

I learned something by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry, Steve's favorite people

I learned something

I learned something I already knew (if that makes any sense) from Dolores Cannon. And, this is that when things are going good and there are no obstacles, you are likely doing what you were meant doing here on earth. But, if you are running your head into a block wall all the time, you… Continue reading I learned something

Alone in our own consciousness
Spiritual poetry

Alone in consciousness

Are we fooled into thinking we are not alone? Yes, it appears we are all separate. This life, so illusory. One minute is experience, the next a memory. We can only take hold of the present moment, yet it soon flees us. No one knows how we think, but us. We have been given privacy… Continue reading Alone in consciousness

a better man poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

a better man

if I were a better man I'd not get angry I would never feel disappointed I would always forgive and be more trusting of my fellow man I would love without expecting love in return but... until then, I will try to pretend I am someone I cannot be in this lifetime even in countless… Continue reading a better man

great monsoon poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

great monsoon

great monsoon gonna wash your blues away coming soon happy time gone find things to love again flowers will bloom all that matters whether we live or die is another matter 1000 years of peace earth going into another dimension those whose vibes have increased will disappear into that peaceful zone who's gonna stay behind?… Continue reading great monsoon

Meaning, Purpose and Mission
Spiritual poetry

Meaning, Purpose and Mission

Throughout my adult life I have searched for meaning, purpose and mission. There was always this 'un-real-ness' about things because I never felt I quite 'fit in' or belonged here on earth. Yet, the more I searched for answers the more confused I got. 'But, when I let go of all of that, I began… Continue reading Meaning, Purpose and Mission

The search poem by steven james humphreys
Spiritual poetry

the search

my search for the meaning of life was like chasing a rainbow the harder I tried to catch it the further it escaped my grasp I have searched earnestly most my adult life for my purpose and mission never finding meaning alas, but one day in desperation I decided to give it all up and… Continue reading the search