The search poem by steven james humphreys

the search

my search for the meaning of life was like chasing a rainbow the harder I tried to catch it the further it escaped my grasp I have searched earnestly most my adult life for my purpose and mission never finding meaning alas, but one day in desperation I decided to give it all up and… Continue reading the search

Behind the curtain quote by steven james humphreys

just behind the curtain

life is like a play without a script reality lies behind the curtain that's where God is behind the scenes making everything work the way he does in secret.  

man's wisdom quote by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual

man’s wisdom

man's wisdom lies infinitely below nature's simplicity but when man is immersed within his own egotistical nature he remains detached from God yet man can regain his true nature through being still in awe and wonder of forest trees, fields of grass and flowers, a flock of birds, the warmth of the sun, glowing moon,… Continue reading man’s wisdom

Be not forlorn my fellow poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual

Be not forlorn my fellow

Be not forlorn my fellow my damsel in distress for it doesn't matter who we are we are all the same under the sun it matters not what man thinks only what God thinks and man cares if we've made it in life or not and looks down upon us if we haven't but God… Continue reading Be not forlorn my fellow

an ounce of hope quote by steven james humphreys
Life, Spiritual

an ounce of hope

where there is no hope there are no dreams there is no love and no above but only below way down low nothing high nothing light no airy flight it's crawling and crawling and crawling under the listless rocks of depression. I hear it calling. it calls on me. the living and the dead as… Continue reading an ounce of hope

they have stood poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual

they stand tall

who told us we were smarter than a tree? no one has to tell them what to eat to stay healthy, trim and live over a hundred years the great oak, pine and the sycamore know how to get nourishment they press against the ground and delve deep but trees mighty and small they alone… Continue reading they stand tall

done so wrong poem by steven james humphreys
Life, Nostalgia, Spiritual

done so wrong

I caught a sneak peek of the great beyond its shadow relentlessly follows me these days I feel its breath on the back of my neck which makes the hair there rise when you live this long you begin to feel it tug on you with its invisible hand through an obscure curtain no doubt… Continue reading done so wrong

the watered down sea poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual

the watered down sea

watered down lonely sea submerged mystery dark night grey foam screeching seagulls fly aimlessly mocking the white caps it is as though they circle above this vessel looking down laughing a haunted cackle like white crows but this earthly mariner sleeps his deep sleep in a warm bed as its captain steers his ship toward… Continue reading the watered down sea

Walk through walls poem by steven james humphreys

walk through walls

the earth is shifting to a new dimension those whose hearts turn Godly will fly without wings and do all those things the angels do performing real magic walking through walls there will be no more pain and suffering and no darkness and those with hearts of stone will be left behind to fight amongst… Continue reading walk through walls