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I learned something

I learned something I already knew (if that makes any sense) from Dolores Cannon. And, this is that when things are going good and there are no obstacles, you are likely doing what you were meant doing here on earth. But, if you are running your head into a block wall all the time, you… Continue reading I learned something

Neville Goddard - God And I Are One - 1972 Lecture - Own Voice - Full Transcription
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Neville Goddard – God And I Are One – 1972 Lecture – Own Voice – Full Transcription

I have been interested in and have been studying mystical subjects for quite a long time now, and am finally beginning to understand some of the more simpler concepts in a real way in my ripe old age. 'My take on this is that at the time of the so called 'big bang' we humans… Continue reading Neville Goddard – God And I Are One – 1972 Lecture – Own Voice – Full Transcription

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Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese

When I was making up my Facebook page for poetry madness last year, I somehow came across Mary Oliver. I immediately liked her poems. In case you didn't know, she's an American poet. You may likely know more about her than I do. But, I really like this poem she wrote called 'Wild Geese'. I… Continue reading Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese

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Black and white

letters to Vivian Maier in pictures of those who are not there anymore. her soul of black and white contrasting between moments in time a still black suit. sky bird grass walking never in want of money. beyond a thirst for fame. somehow she got by. somehow she fed herself. eat live sleep art the… Continue reading Black and white

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Poet laureate

We love their work. The poet laureate. Their readings become part of who we are. Yes, they are not here anymore. But, it wasn't so long ago that they were alive and kicking, writing their thing. To name just a few of the worthy, honor goes to Poe, Thoreau and Bukowski. In the grand scheme… Continue reading Poet laureate

Henry David Thoreau, poet
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Henry David Thoreau influenced me

Henry David Thoreau influenced me. How? It happened when I was a young teen. Thinking back nearly fifty years, I think I identified strongly with his essay 'Civil Disobedience' (as I was skeptical about nearly everything, especially the American government) in those troubled times of social upheaval. I was an impressionable angry adolescent in the 1960's; a time full of civil discontent, protesting and questioning events… Continue reading Henry David Thoreau influenced me

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Edgar Allan Poe the man behind the Poet

Edgar Allan Poe (the man behind the poet) got me excited about writing poems of my own as a young teen. The poem 'Annabel Lee' affected me greatly, being that I was a romantic idealist. What young poetry writer, isn't? I stayed up all night one weekend and wrote over fifty poems that are now way lost in time. But,… Continue reading Edgar Allan Poe the man behind the Poet

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At odds with Socrates

At odds with Socrates not just some mediocre lame a _ _ tease! doesn't necessarily appease and bring you to your knees I'm too busy now making friends with my invisible pal Poe you don't know what gone means till it happens cause' it's not yet seen you shout no!? when you die walking slow you fly… Continue reading At odds with Socrates

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Henry Charles Bukowski

I don't know if we would have been friends or not, but there's that undefinable quality I like about Henry Charles Bukowski. I respect the blatant in your face honesty, yet I don't care much for some of the descriptive phrases and words he uses, even though they were necessary. It was his style, and without it… Continue reading Henry Charles Bukowski

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Madness of Poetry

Why do I write poems? I began writing poetry at a young age shortly after I began reading poems of Edgar Allan Poe and Henry David Thoreau. I give tribute to great poets such as these, including Charles Bukowski. I thank them for my inspiration. Writing in general and especially specific, poetry is my creative outlet. It makes me feel better… Continue reading Madness of Poetry