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Who You are

Be sure that you are the one who tells you who and what you are for, who else would be the better authority than God himself?

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The Last Time You Saw Me

Oh, so it was you. you thought I'd changed. but, the last time you saw me was as a small child. I have stayed a child true to the nature of my soul. this earth had released me many years ago. that is why I have returned to you in a dream telling you my… Continue reading The Last Time You Saw Me

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This Bottle of Wine

In the park the trees were greener the sky was bluer the birds were happier and the dogs barked and the cats meowed much better when we used to walk together and talk god was there. all I have now is memory of you and this bottle of wine and one long stemmed filled glass… Continue reading This Bottle of Wine

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Those Secret Feelings

never saying hello. never saying goodbye. not a word spoken. infatuation in vain. secret feelings never coming to fruition. the unattainable are not available nor ever will be. so many who are available so willing to take their place in a world where 'nice' is never sexy. funny how scarcity rules so many in their… Continue reading Those Secret Feelings


Hills of Lorelei

what you expected I have not given. forgive me not I have been gone you are barren for I gave little to fill your empty sea flowers will arrive nor fill your heart with love as you pray to the father above bewitching men below sending them to their death it is this lad who… Continue reading Hills of Lorelei

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A Happy Ending

we want life to have a happy ending. we learn the hard way. you don't know what's going to happen next in life. all we have is this moment without knowing what's going to happen next. and, what is life without people? I know it's lonely for I learned I wasn't an island... you surely… Continue reading A Happy Ending

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Love is like a Flower

Love is like a flower. when it is plucked, possessed against its will thrust into a vase it soon fades away dropping petals like tears drooping crumbling dying a youthful untimely death. yet, leave it be where it truly belongs free and uncut it multiplies its sprouted seed spreading like a vibrant colored kaleidoscope vine… Continue reading Love is like a Flower