How to Cope with Ups’ and Downs’ of Publisher Reviews as Writers

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I told you years ago I submitted the first chapter of my novel 'Meet Duff' for a review and received three stars out of five rating. I was ecstatic! I thought that was pretty darned good considering it was my first one. Then, the reviewer (publisher) suggested I should put 'more action' in it. I … Continue reading How to Cope with Ups’ and Downs’ of Publisher Reviews as Writers

When do you know you actually are a ‘real’ writer, author and/or poet?

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I don't know if it will ever dawn on us we are whether we are either genuine writers, authors and/or poets. Maybe, it will, maybe not. I don't know about you, but it is finally sinking in after decades and decades that I must have somehow become a real writer. I write about all kinds … Continue reading When do you know you actually are a ‘real’ writer, author and/or poet?

The day I listened to a publisher’s advice…

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I learned a valuable lesson in writing. It was to believe in my own style. I submitted a chapter of one of my books for evaluation and initially got a 3 out of 5 star rating. I thought that was pretty darned good for my first book. But, I got what I thought was 'constructive … Continue reading The day I listened to a publisher’s advice…

Authorial Intentionality

I don't think I told you this. I mean, about my authorial intentionality a couple years back. It was when I was writing my Novel, 'Meet Duff!' I had heard before not to pay attention to the critics. that was some great advice I picked up from some of the greatest authors I look up … Continue reading Authorial Intentionality

What is Poetry?

What is Poetry? You know, I never really analyzed it officially, like this. Although, I always did think it carried deeper meaning than everyday experiences. But, that isn't true, because poetry speaks about everything within bounds and without. I never thought I would be moved to write so much of it as I do now. … Continue reading What is Poetry?

Book Writing Software

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You might like New Novelist book writing software, if you need a helping hand writing a book of poetry or novel. You can get by with Microsoft Word, but within the new novelist software, you can add as many chapters as you want and keep notes for characters and your references used. For me, it's simpler … Continue reading Book Writing Software

How I Usually Write a Book

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Wondering how to write a book? How it happens for me is, subtle messages pop out from nowhere while watching scientific documentaries on YouTube, throwing a tennis ball to my beloved dog Bubba, exercising in my dusty garage, to a fluttering cooing Dove flapping down on my cracked block wall in the backyard (Remember, I told you about the Doves?) … Continue reading How I Usually Write a Book

How I Often Write Poems

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In my opinion, there's no single way, formula or person anywhere I know about that shows you step by step how to write a poem and makes a Poet out of you. I am sure there's many books for sale and websites about this subject, but I never visited them nor bought any books about it. It's … Continue reading How I Often Write Poems