Interesting Resources

My favorite websites

Binaural beats for meditation

Tom Campbell physicist author of ‘My Big Toe’ a theory of ‘everything’

Neville Goddard teachings ‘How to manifest your desires’

Neville is also on YouTube®

Dolores Cannon Past life regression therapist

Rosicrucian Order esoteric study

Seeking answers to all the big questions: Robert Lawrence Kuhn @ closer to truth

The only ‘Official’ Website for the Universal Life Church (you too can become an ordained minister)

Writer’s software I used on all my current and past books for sale on Barnes and Noble® and Amazon® is Newnovelist 3®

Learn the ‘Invisible counselor technique’ by Napoleon Hill

You probably didn’t know I am a ‘INFJ’ personality (find out yours) according to MyersBriggs.Com 

I took a free career personality test, and so can you at CareerTest.Net

I highly recommend watching YouTube for anything you thirst for learning from fixing things around the house to man’s quest for knowledge