Interesting Subjects

I have visited these resources time and again learning much fascinating ‘stuff’. If you are curious about ‘spiritual or metaphysical sort of things’ or seeker of truth as to where you ‘fit’ in the scheme of things in this vast universe of ours as I am, you might want to investigate the links below. I guarantee that ‘collectively’ these sites listed below will lead you to where you are ‘destined’ to go on your earthly journey.

In addition to these sources, I have personally found YouTube® to be an overall fantastic resource to find out just about anything of a ‘practical nature’ in this world of ours you’d ever like to know or do.

Furthermore, I especially have found it a really handy down to earth practical everyday ‘tool’ for figuring out how to fix things around the house! I usually watch YouTube videos everyday. There, you will likely discover the knowledge you truly need to thrive.

Neville Goddard PDF The Power Of Awareness

Dolores Cannon past life regression hypnotherapist

Tom Campbell physicist

Meditation binaural beats mysticism 

Napoleon Hill Think and grow rich (Be sure to read chapter about the ‘invisible counselors technique on page 194 or, watch the video below…)