Interesting Subjects

If you are fascinated about how to get what you want in life through unique methods, you might want to read my two PDF documents. One, I experienced the ‘Invisible counselor technique’ by Napoleon Hill as realistic and moving.

Two, Neville Goddard, I recommend highly because his teachings have brought me spiritual and practical results (you might want to visit YouTube® and listen to Neville’s numerous enlightening teaching videos.)

I have often wondered and pondered about man’s true origin, meaning of life, the universe and things other worldly. Tom Campbell (physicist) and Dolores Cannon (past life regression hypnotherapist) offer unique viewpoints you might be interested in and won’t find anywhere else.

I downloaded the meditation sounds (binaural beats) before and they were very helpful in creating a relaxing meditative mood. All the above are wonderful tools if you are one who daydreams about the profundities of life.

You can become ordained as a minster of the non-denominational Universal Life Church.

Lastly, if you are interested in mysticism, you might want to visit The Rosicrucian Order.

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