My 40 Best Liked Poems of 2016

I have been going through all my poems to ‘hand pick’ the most liked poems I think you’d enjoy. These below were the highest rated by you. And, here’s what I’ve found…

Best liked poems of 2016

1. Beautiful world
2. Whispering
3. Control
4. Remember the day
5. Life disrupted
6. True story
7. Covered in a grass
8. One man oblivion
9. That elusive chase
10. I just had to write this one
11. It’s conditional
12. You just have to deal with it
13. The beauty of a real friend
14. No one lives there anymore
15. Poetry as long as it takes
16. Door without a screen
17. On being man
18. Over there
19. Messages from the depths
20. That inside thing
21. Changed man
22. Skin a mango
23. That restless soul
24. The hobo’s dog
25. Kings of the paper trail
26. Bow down
27. Those who know
28. That lost love
29. Field of onions
30. The sharing soul
31. In a grocery store dream
32. See, my home is over there!
33. Where is the Brady Bunch house?
34. Slacking backwards
35. Digitally wandering
36. Authorial intentionality
37. A serial killer within
38. That certain something
39. I promise I will find you once again
40. Wide open land