city of sorrow poem by steven james humphreys
Humor, Nostalgia

city of sorrow

should have moved out of this lousy crappy city this city of sorrow a long time ago while I was young and stupid but you see I got involved with these women who blocked my progress and I was always a weak man who did what they wanted to please them and all the money… Continue reading city of sorrow

Canoe poem by steven james humphreys


Keep rowing that canoe even though you got out into it too late in the day it moves slow dipping in each ripple of this lake a child stares at you from the shore but his mother soon comes to him and grabs his hand it was a warm day children still play and laugh… Continue reading canoe

Endure quote by steven james humphreys
Life's ups and downs


How do you endure around negative people? Is how they make you feel their fault? better question is how do we deal with our own feelings instead of blaming others for our own reactions and behavior? the situation may be for our own growth and betterment... why not go on being you thinking thoughts that… Continue reading endure

It's OK, it's only Mark again poem by steven james humphreys
Pets, Spiritual and beyond

It’s OK, it’s only Mark again

It's OK, it's only Mark again the little ghost child who teases he pitter patters running through my hallways pounding on the walls scratching crayons penciling in his artistry one time, he drew a cat a very lovely cat with beautiful golden eyes it meowed, licked its fur and curled up in a ball and… Continue reading It’s OK, it’s only Mark again

Coo of the dove poem by steven james humphreys
Nature, Spiritual and beyond

Coo of the dove

when my heart feels heavy with impending doom I ask God, 'why is this so'? he is silent but my doves have landed again returning from who knows where without fail, a wordless answer is given when my doves perch on my wall and coo their coo I have learned to cup my hands and… Continue reading Coo of the dove