The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain haiku by steven james humphreys

The pitter-patter of plain rain and crackling fireplace keep my brain sane and heart warm.


A Message to the Sky

A Message to the Sky a poem by steven james humphreys

I did not make this place nor did you we are here and never know our true purpose because the one who put us here is tight-lipped about it but, some day we will have to go but, to where? this, we also do not know why so many secrets kept from us? A Message …


Ocean a poem by steven james humphreys

within this silent cave you can hear the waves outside deep underneath their water lies peace gathered tides and pools are claimed by those small creatures paddling in circles and staying still paying just tribute to the never-ending solitude of the ocean bottom grave.


Voices a poem by steven james humphreys

The voice of nature of morning dew and night mist hanging sun it is this a twist of days a turn of night and glorious moon soothing sounds of rabbits in their thicket no fears in sight where time has no end and peaceful slumber has just begun.