Hot Burning Sand in Your Face

bully, kicks sand in your face, nerd, revenge, he gets what's coming to him

There you are enjoying yourself at the beach on a warm breezy day minding your own business when the bully suddenly appears before you he towers above ten feet tall darking the sun casting a shadow over you. you wonder what you did to him (this time) and you know the standard answer... 'you exist'. …


Headless Ghostwoman

ghost, headless, fear, evil, horse

She's long lost her head in a duffel bag dead thrown over her shoulder. she said she would come for 'thee' when you grew older in 'four score years'. she waits on her horse in a dream as I lie in my bed with my hands on my head submerged in guilt, fear and dread. …

Witches Above

witches, monsters, bats, black cats, macobre, halloween

Witches above hand me my pumpkin with love commanding 'carve'! devils below at large surrounding bare trees black silhouette against the sky moon this orange and black season makes me feel so wonderful setting my struggling soul free. flying bats and howling cats it's not just that those weird-looking pumpkins with hollow lighted eyes and …

The Wind Blows

wind, nature, baby, sleep, waking, new day

The wind blows in its own way it moves dead leaves as it wills. within the rhythm of nature therein lies its own music in celebration like raindrops pattering a baby's nurturing lullaby. lightening yawns a new waking day.