When I was watching TV

watching tv, yeti, big foot

When I was watching TV sitting on my couch it watched me back. but, my doggie flipped my popcorn over and ate it all. I looked closer at that old TV than I ever did before and couldn't believe what I was seeing... it grew two big eyes and a big fuzzy head and beckoned …


Clowns in Carnivals made of Clay

evil clowns, carousel, carnival, stormy night, leaving town

Clowns in carnivals made of clay standing still night today riding long carousel horse frozen face painted white drowned out benign fright pulling rings puppet strings circus mirrors shedding nearer fat ladies sing coming clearer coming closer round and round riding horse pole slows up and down edging music clowns in rows on the ground …

Of this we must

of this we must, satan, god fearing

Never clear something near submerged fear outright queer flowing teaching hidden trust somewhere finding this we must endless search know your mind lost in wasted primal time all one meaning every feeling sensing thinking ever squealing ringing bell dealing drinking enter slicing fiery hell skin sizzling devil's moor groundless floor repent your sins door's wide …