Bow Down

Bow down


the ground

rumble up through your soul



don’t belong,

that you fit

somewhere else


Nudging you

along your painful journey,

where good feelings deceive,

no doubting pain is the




like a Continue reading Bow Down


Kings of the Paper Trail

Kings of the paper



developed egos

learned lies

wrapped in a cave man’s




burning witches



those not Continue reading Kings of the Paper Trail

The Hobo’s Dog

Have you figured out yet

that all along, the


was that

goddamned ego?

Yes, who doesn’t want to be one of the rich and famous?

I don’t see why not…

They are some of the unhappiest and loneliest people

in the world who have sold their souls

for the sake of Continue reading The Hobo’s Dog

Something Down There

“There’s something down there!”

said the Professor.

The student looked down and saw nothing.

“No, I don’t see anything…”

“Oh yes, look harder, you can see it moving down there.

Can’t you smell the perfume?”

The student looked down the well once more

thinking his teacher was becoming a ‘nutty professor.’

And, once more, there was nothing there.

He thought the professor’s glasses were all fogged up.

He couldn’t smell perfume.

“I don’t see or smell anything Sir.’

“So, you doubt me?”

“No, sir,” the young man said not wanting

to ‘tic’ his teacher off by appearing to be

not respectful.

The student looked down again more determined to see something, anything, and smell the scent of any kind of perfume, but this time Continue reading Something Down There

That Restless Soul

That restless soul of yours

Yeah, it wanders.

It wears its own shoes,

but you never put them on

or take them off.

it wanders toward that mystery,

that thing you thought you wanted to find

but never reached

quite yet

because you grew up a little

and along the way

you got Continue reading That Restless Soul

Skin a Mango

There’s more than one way to do anything.

For example, in how to skin a mango.

The next couple of months is the best season for mangoes.

I love mangoes.

They are ripe when they are the least bit soft.

They are golden inside like a canned peach.

They almost taste like a peach, to me.

I went to the store earlier today and picked up about seven or eight mangoes.

They were priced right

They were huge.

I picked up a potato peeler with a red and white handle because it works great for me in peeling mangoes.

My old potato peeler went dull.

When I peel, I cut the meat of it off the seed, then Continue reading Skin a Mango

Changed Man

You might think you’ve found your way

changed man.

But, when you advance in age

you never know how much time you have left.

that’s precisely when worries take on less urgency,

some cares disappearing altogether.

because, through time you learn

that what used to matter Continue reading Changed Man

That Inside Thing

You know, I don’t know if I would worry too much

about what’s going on in our subconscious minds.

And, I don’t think it wise to say

it’s god consciousness…

I am talking about that inside thing

in good conscience, of course.


down below that we can’t seem to grasp and


it might be better to Continue reading That Inside Thing

Messages From the Depths

Messages From the depths

of all of this…

something that’s always been.

A hand rose up

from below

with a sign

that said

‘a handful of lives matter.’

That’s when you knew

you’d finally lost your way

to a society

that’s goanna come after you

cause’ they see you as a Continue reading Messages From the Depths