Night Blooming Jasmine

Man alive!

Look at what I just saw deep down in that dark cavern!

It has two heads!


Wait, it’s dark!

I can’t really see it too good

But, that thing is moving

It’s fluttering it’s Continue reading Night Blooming Jasmine


Ode to Uncle Joe

The Ode to Uncle Joe

I sing to you!

Uncle had some wisdom

You know he had a tid bit of it

At least, give him that credit, will ya!

He lived his life the way he wanted to, didn’t he?

Turn me on, Deadman

Stop that!

Respect Poor Old Uncle Joe!

It’s his Funeral

Poor Old Uncle Joe can Continue reading Ode to Uncle Joe

Darkly Winged

Something darkly winged flies my way

Whooshing right over my head like a dive bomber

Flying in a circle above Finkelstein’s roof

Crying its song as well as we speak

Fanning wings echoing in its flight

Fades into the setting sun, wings flapping down and up

Moonlit night soaring chimney height

Embracing twilight throughout the Continue reading Darkly Winged

Thoughts on Writing

Subtle messages seem to pop out of nowhere. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I carry a small yellow sticky pad in my truck, just in case. Inspiration doesn’t give any notice or wait for you, and if you don’t write it down, it’s lost forever. But, I don’t usually worry about that, because it will just Continue reading Thoughts on Writing

Angel of the Water

An Angel Who already had a Name

Belonging to her parents

That Angel grew through the years

Rushing down, down, down the stream of life

See, look quick!

Blood is thicker than any other blood

The Water flowed under the bridge of time

Carrying away memory of me

An Angel who already had a Continue reading Angel of the Water


I always loved “Annabel Lee,” by Edgar Allen Poe. That’s kind of what got me motivated at a young age to start writing poetry and short stories. Much later in life I came across reading “Open All Night,” a book of what I see as prose poetry by Charles Bukowski.

I especially loved the Poem named, “Dinosauria, we,” published in his book, “The Last Night Of The Earth Poems.” Throughout the poem he uses “Born into This.” His poetry sparked me to write my own material like, Continue reading Poetry

Meet Duff

Meet Duff Chapter 1

Think Pink!

It’s Monday. Morty was going to blow his head off. When the Lumberjack appeared, he laughed in his face, wildly swinging a double edged AXE. He whispered in his ear. “Pull that Trigger–Shooter! Go ahead–Sweet Cheeks!”

He lowered the gun. A casket appeared in the woods. It silently urged him to Continue reading Meet Duff


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