Sing your Song

purpose, mission, life, search

Sing your song of life long and well a choice of paths casting spells find your purpose live it strong make a mission travel on.  


Demon in the Mirror

demon in the mirror, poetry, steven humphreys

You may wonder 'why me'? yet, it was you chosen to go through all those painful experiences in life. at times, there was no one there to go to for comfort and wise philosophical words. there was only the lone candle you lit in your dark sanctum. Looking deeply but boldly into the mirror of …

The Rich and the Famous

rich, famous, money, death

Those poor souls the rich and the famous so misunderstood because they may have lacked happiness so lonely and isolated they discovered notoriety and possessions did not fill their hearts. they acted out their suicidal tendencies and are no longer here. yet, sympathies for the well to do may be somewhat lacking for many do …