Angel of the Water

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An Angel Who already had a Name Belonging to her parents That Angel grew through the years Rushing down, down, down the stream of life See, look quick! Blood is thicker than any other blood The Water flowed under the bridge of time Carrying away memory of me An Angel who already had a Name Perched upon a hidden unnamed shoulder A daughter’s …



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I always loved “Annabel Lee,” by Edgar Allen Poe. That's kind of what got me motivated at a young age to start writing poetry and short stories. Much later in life I came across reading “Open All Night,” a book of what I see as prose poetry by Charles Bukowski. I especially loved the Poem named, “Dinosauria, we,” published in his book, “The …

Crowded Malls

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

Walking through crowded Malls bumping into people Muddling through grimacing Looking at the hot sun through my small car window saving a lousy quart of gas Tossing crumpled hamburger papers over my shoulder turning left on Mulberry Drive Scratching my anguished head Longing for Taco Tuesday craving an ice cold beer Looking at that overdue …