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Beneath this old Carved Tree

When you used to search for me, you found me by lake forgiveness beneath this old carved tree. You always knew where to find me, when we spoke those sorrowful words. Our memory dances by those yellow flowers growing on the side of that hill by the road. That wave of golden flowers; we used to stroll through and pluck.… Continue reading Beneath this old Carved Tree

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Strands of Moonlight

I have a project for you. I want you to go out to the next full moon, and take a look. Stand there surrounding yourself in strands of moonlight. When? Some calendars have gone queer these days and don't show the partial and full moon... Let them all be queer. I mean, the calendars. I don't care… Continue reading Strands of Moonlight

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How to Publish a Book

Have you wondered the easiest way how to publish a book? I know from my own experience it's easier to self publish a book than it used to be. But, these days you can sign up as an author at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel and upload your manuscript and start selling it online. On… Continue reading How to Publish a Book

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Book Writing Software

You might like New Novelist book writing software, if you need a helping hand writing a book of poetry or novel. You can get by with Microsoft Word, but within the new novelist software, you can add as many chapters as you want and keep notes for characters and your references used. For me, it's simpler… Continue reading Book Writing Software

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How to Copyright

How to copyright that book of poetry or novel of yours isn't as hard as it used to be. If I can do it, anyone can. The hardest part is writing, organizing and piecing your book of poetry or novel together to make it coherent. That takes some time. All you need is Microsoft Word to… Continue reading How to Copyright

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My slant on writing...

How to Write a Book

Wondering how to write a book? How it happens for me is, subtle messages pop out from nowhere while watching scientific documentaries on YouTube, throwing a tennis ball to my beloved dog Bubba, exercising in my dusty garage, to a fluttering cooing Dove flapping down on my cracked block wall in the backyard (Remember, I told you about the Doves?)… Continue reading How to Write a Book

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Those not like Us

There are those not like us. We are surrounded. We are outnumbered.  they are doing just fine. They always get by. They use. They take. They don't give back. They are good talkers. But, seldom doers. They promise. But, don't deliver. They know how to use you. Who are these people that wreak such surreptitious havoc on… Continue reading Those not like Us

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My slant on writing...

How to Write a Poem

In my opinion, there's no single way, formula or person anywhere I know about that shows you step by step how to write a poem and makes a Poet out of you. I am sure there's many books for sale and websites about this subject, but I never visited them nor bought any books about it. It's… Continue reading How to Write a Poem


Boast not where the Poppies Grow

We escape into yet another day; boast not where the poppies grow. we run away. we don't know where God hides himself every day. we say the wrong things at all the wrong times. eat the wrong foods. we laid with the wrong person. We get lied to. we get deceived. then, we withdraw for a… Continue reading Boast not where the Poppies Grow


Rendezvous with Oars

Did you feel you missed the boat in life because someone said both paddles of yours were not in the water and your rudder was backwards? So, you had a rendezvous with oars throwing them both   over the brink of the waterfall finding a new hole in the bottom of your sinking boat as you dropped to your destiny. We are… Continue reading Rendezvous with Oars