allure, beauty, poetry

I am your allure beautiful in your way without words you have told me in a world full of men and machines frivolous beholden lies I give you no attention when you need it withholding my approval when you demand your soul of souls master of all that is you in every way every hour every … Continue reading Allure


abide, poetry, steven humphreys, poetry madness

To you in the valleys down there abide the tide will not turn roll in your grass wipe your eyes go to your high hills and come home at sunset shade yourself under the poplar pass not abide go to your glade it's a misty day but it is clear what you've been told lost … Continue reading Abide

If you never had a Dad

If you never had a Dad, poetry, steven humphreys

If you never had a dad that's something truly sad because fatherly love is an essentiality to the young man who didn't have want of footsteps to follow filling righteous shoes not sallow count yourself lucky for a father who cared about you at that young age that mattered most that he was there not … Continue reading If you never had a Dad

Around Midnight

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Strange happenings in your life you can't control no matter what the strife because that's them you're still you something you're stuck in contention with around midnight cuts like a knife those evil selfish bastards ruined your life all they did was die unpunished that's why I write poetry all night long living on with the … Continue reading Around Midnight

The Magician Speaks

the magician speaks, poetry, steven humphreys

You look into his eyes which hide secrets behind them you see his fearless hypnotic chasm the magician speaks sawing the  black wooden box in half on stage with the person in it shouting 'this is not a trick!' he hops up on his horse riding away with his long red and black cape flowing trotting … Continue reading The Magician Speaks

Floating in my little dinghy boat

floating in my dinghy boat, poetry, steven humphreys

You pay for cable willing and able bound to a two-year contract full of commercials actors actresses in those crummy low-budget 'B' movie rehearsals stranded on that island bare foot on the hot baking sand with ol' Gilligan on free antenna TV was just as good but you won't likely get a cable bill reversal I … Continue reading Floating in my little dinghy boat

Beauty Is

beauty is, steven humphreys, poem

Beauty is in Hearts of Beholding decks of cards coming out at large rather pet your dog give a hug stroke a hog miserly violin playing marshmallow grey it's going full steam ahead rather to my dismay married turning gay rather nice this fellow painted grey he bellows fluffing pillows rests his head on folded handkerchiefs sneezing … Continue reading Beauty Is