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Spiritual poetry

Fine Line

You find That fine line sublime when you turn on TV AGAIN to that theatrical mime And, there he is sitting behind that big desk looking at you through those big bifocals with those piercing  beady dark glaring eyes telling you all that bad crap that's been happening all around the world today The level headed, psychos, the insensitive, intellectuals, and… Continue reading Fine Line

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Poetry of life

What Love is

ask me what Love is even blind eyes can see that Babies are love Babies love everyone Who doesn't love a baby? when love grows old is it time to leave? When love grows cold Was it ever love? they say I love you these days as if it's only a mere word said too… Continue reading What Love is

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Poetry of life

I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

The path you chose brought you here right where you BELONG jacketed fear everything you've done in life has brought you here mediocre lies before you a high fork in the road the turning point in your life There's a person you used to know who's going left not right But you never really knew him… Continue reading I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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Spiritual poetry

Pointlessly True

It became pointlessly true mindfully proved As far as that poor destitute woman knew that inside that box she was living in a righteous life so square doing right things crumpled up in a ball Yet, something kept haunting her deep inside in that most hidden place of all hidden places in the dark hall she stood where no one not… Continue reading Pointlessly True

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Poetry of life


I said Whispering to myself In my crowded Valley town Get the hell out of here right now! Immerse yourself In a meadow breeze of lingering doubt Smelling so green and grassy enough to shout Around three in the afternoon Trees swaying creaking side to side grasses becoming tall ocean waves on each side of me crashing together pushing… Continue reading Whispering

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Poetry of life

Beloved Cat

If you must have your beloved cat right by your side at all times like I do just make sure it stays along side where you are at it just might be curled up with you in bed you know how lucky you are feeling like a star having a friend like that? That bushy tail… Continue reading Beloved Cat

Poetry of life

Once in a While

Once in a while I kick off my shoes walk on the grass Barefooted blues in warm weather I stand out there almost in a daze gazing about my backyard haze thinking much about nothing doing even less feeling the cool grass growing between my toes looking at my strong tree with fragrant white petals fall all over the… Continue reading Once in a While

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Poetry of life

Humble Pie

Wouldn't you know When least expected Riding high in that saddle With chip on shoulder Bucked off that horse Rubbing sore ass that hard hit ground on a granite boulder It's that Humble pie again comin' round' oozing down face Dripping off chin Crying in beer Angry as hell drinking straight gin In the midst of another day Vainly spent… Continue reading Humble Pie

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Spiritual poetry

Life as Video Tape

Life as video tape remembering when you were born played live once Never twice Reminiscing all forlorn Synthetic memories in our heads Faded, Fading, totally Gone... Someday others we've passed behind walking paths of stone yesterday to distant past Thinking thoughts as we Loving others Families Jobs food on their tables We all have sameness... scenes… Continue reading Life as Video Tape