Fairy tale under a spell a poem by steven james humphreys
Poetry of life

Fairy Tale under a Spell

Deep confusion chaos intrusion truth entraps our illusion like tree rooted forest ignorance in bliss staying drunk all the time makes life a sea of blur. doesn't get better than this until you sober up and cry it out. problems never go, they keep stewing in the pot called home wrecking. alone with you inside… Continue reading Fairy Tale under a Spell

mind's on the blink, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual poetry

Mind’s on the blink

Goin' to a shrink mind's on fire eyes crossed can hardly think a little crazy gettin' mighty hazy better have a drink down to the last dollar now's time to holler crossing over the brink bout' to get kicked out of this hellish motel nowhere to go on highway's endless spell pit in the stomach… Continue reading Mind’s on the blink

drink, alcohol, beer, wine, poetry, steven humphreys
Poetry of life


Drink, I say! Do it now before you cannot! people don't change. it is we who must. i was so happy drunk every night. my liver took it away! damned liver! life, with it's ugly head just had to barge right in and spoil my drunkenness! damned life! my troubles washed away. now I cannot… Continue reading Drink!

so it goes, alcohol, drunk, wine, poetry, steven humphreys
Spiritual poetry

So it goes

Wino so it goes take a drink hold your nose where it flows head to toes we all know... drink grape act like an ape can't escape tasty evil grape drizzled down the nape forgot where I was who I was who I'd been with on that first date (hum... what was her name?) where… Continue reading So it goes

Spiritual poetry

Sloe Gin Fizz

Yes life is but a dream and no one on earth can prove otherwise and when we wake up it'll be all over it is that someday we will wake up dead as a rotten tree as a newborn blade of grass sprouting up through the earth yet on the other hand if you stay… Continue reading Sloe Gin Fizz

Poetry of life

From Whence He Came

This man, from whence he came didn't tell you his name nor divulge his history. but, you didn't think to ask him something about himself. he wouldn't have told you much, though. so, you did the right thing. but, you do wonder about that because his photos are not there anymore. they all got burnt up maybe scattered… Continue reading From Whence He Came