alone, life and death

We are not alone

It may seem we walk alone, but we do not. For we have us and our memories and therefore we are not alone. Blessed we are with life and everything in between as our walking companions, while at the same time death ever lurks in the shadows behind every tree we pass.

sadness, loneliness, drunk, wine

This Bottle of Wine

In the park the trees were greener the sky was bluer the birds were happier and the dogs barked and the cats meowed much better when we used to walk together and talk god was there. all I have now is memory of you and this bottle of wine and one long stemmed filled glass… Continue reading This Bottle of Wine

demon in the mirror, poetry, steven humphreys

Demon in the Mirror

You may wonder 'why me'? yet, it was you chosen to go through all those painful experiences in life. at times, there was no one there to go to for comfort and wise philosophical words. there was only the lone candle you lit in your dark sanctum. Looking deeply but boldly into the mirror of… Continue reading Demon in the Mirror

fear, desert, death, bones in the sun, god

Fearless mimic

Fearless mimic teasing brain seismic gimmick eschew abstain withhold refrain running main frame masters gators restless erasure limited stature lost nature canteen dry dried tears cried strong red sky long baked bones thousand flies dusted dread hollowed head emptied eyes earthen bed hawks dive rabbits flee hallowed ground hour three.  

alone, steven humphreys, poetry


We are not so alone there are the birds tweeting and washing their beautiful colored feathers in our backyard birdbaths we can hear echoes of the goings on in the world over beyond our fence within flowers grow giving fragrance freely limbs reach out offering their embrace lizards do their pushups in the sun raising… Continue reading Alone