Edgar Allan Poe influenced me

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Edgar Allan Poe influenced me early in life, writing poetry. But much later in life, I wrote Deafly Thinking, Hell Bent, Ode to Uncle Joe, Always, Angel of the Water, Darkly Winged  and Night Blooming Jasmine in that same spirit as when I was a young teen. One poem of his titled "Annabele Lee," moved me deeply. It … Continue reading Edgar Allan Poe influenced me

Angel of the Water

sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

An Angel Who already had a Name Belonging to her parents That Angel grew through the years Rushing down, down, down the stream of life See, look quick! Blood is thicker than any other blood The Water flowed under the bridge of time Carrying away memory of me An Angel who already had a Name Perched upon a hidden unnamed shoulder A daughter’s … Continue reading Angel of the Water