They have no Rage

If you want to be 'loved' for the person you are, go out today to your local ASPCA & buy a sad eyed cat or dog behind those steel bars. be their hero. be a hero. be your own hero. easy... you were never promised unconditional love when you were born. that reassurance would be … Continue reading They have no Rage

Wee Bit of Uncertainty

That wee bit of uncertainty catches ya' off guard, lying in wait within everything you do. this world, how it's made, vivid. become a student through teaching. you don't like what you see because you can't control growing old. take a ride on the three o'clock express; go ahead, make that extra cup of coffee … Continue reading Wee Bit of Uncertainty

Where is the Brandy Bunch House?

feline prowess, poetry, steven humphreys

I don't know about you, but I have often wondered... Where the heck is the Brady Bunch House? (I used the word 'heck' out of respect for all the wholesomeness they bring into my life on Sundays...) I thought it was in Eagle Rock. I found out it is in Studio City. (You know, I watch … Continue reading Where is the Brandy Bunch House?