Spiritual poetry

Every little wee bit helps

That screeching Magpie nagging me looking down at me hopping up and down laughing at me hopping from one to another limb of that sturdy elm which grows out from within my head that howl of his oh, that howl! drives me insane I am rather mad like a mad man without direction without an… Continue reading Every little wee bit helps

Spiritual poetry

That Slow Suicide

That slow suicide reached out to my throat grasping for paper straws that exquisite taste clanking lipstick stained tall stemmed glasses filled with cheap booze killing liver wine tossed into the burning wood fireplace steel grate upended crashing inside those poisonous relationships addicted to empty penniless hearts rock star aspirations never making those zillions we promised ourselves… Continue reading That Slow Suicide

Poetry of life

Walking the Dog

The other day I took a brisk stroll down the neighborhood sidewalk in my grey old man's jogging suit and my favorite red sweat faded baseball hat looking down at all the cracks on the sidewalk rows and holes needing filling beneath my toes looking up at trees and crows and squirrels looking down to me cackling… Continue reading Walking the Dog