Meet Duff Chapter 2

Meet Duff Chapter 2 Pinball Sam His fingers flipped pages back to front. That shiny black book wasn’t a Bible after all. Disappointedly, most pages were blank, except one. The first page had one sentence; “Do what’s wrong, play the ancient song.” He could still hear the melody in his mind’s ear, but he didn’t…

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Be Bohemian

You got Soul when you be Bohemian join the underground movement quit that stupid ass day job that demeans your purpose! reject the rules of this world! become a

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True Story

Dreaming up a true story of whiskey beer and Saturday Nights of a wanna be Marlboro man’s glory who acted and looked the part with his get up of hat, boots, and

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Exerpt from Meet Duff

“Is this how it all ends? You gaze at yourself and don’t know it’s you anymore? Then, you read your Horoscope and pencil in cross word puzzles? What’s next, Bingo! Solitaire! Chess! Hum… now that might be

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Inner Monkey

Primal fright walks upright rings Pavlov’s bell better than hell Pray that inner monkey gets drunk ’cause screaming ape’s goanna bite beneath all that

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In a Hurry

In a hurry might as well do it busy watching clocks slowly ticking working fast In a flurry counting widgets cranking digits not to worry nothing