Meet Duff Chapter 2

Meet Duff Chapter 2

Pinball Sam

His fingers flipped pages back to front. That shiny black book wasn’t a Bible after all. Disappointedly, most pages were blank, except one. The first page had one sentence; “Do what’s wrong, play the ancient song.” He could still hear the melody in his mind’s ear, but he didn’t remember enough of it to hum it–that song in the hills. Continue reading “Meet Duff Chapter 2”


Be Bohemian

You got Soul

when you

be Bohemian

join the



quit that stupid ass

day job

that demeans

your purpose!

reject the rules of this world!

become a Continue reading “Be Bohemian”

Exerpt from Meet Duff

“Is this how it all ends? You gaze at yourself and don’t know it’s you anymore? Then, you read your Horoscope and pencil in cross word puzzles? What’s next, Bingo! Solitaire! Chess! Hum… now that might be Continue reading “Exerpt from Meet Duff”