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Lessons from Wimbledon

Back in the day, I wanted to be a tennis star. you know, play at Wimbledon. but, I was in high school. back then, only the wimps and nerds played that game. I was pretty darned good at tennis. now, I write about what I used to do and will never know what would have… Continue reading Lessons from Wimbledon

Life's ups and downs

It’s a Fool’s Game

Living in this dark loveless city. It's a fool's game like no other... you are who you are. you can get lost in the crowd. you don't get far. take a drive in your car. roll down your window on a summer day. let the breeze blow through your hair. pull over. get out. stretch… Continue reading It’s a Fool’s Game

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Help for writers

When do you know you actually are a ‘real’ writer, author and/or poet?

I don't know if it will ever dawn on us we are whether we are either genuine writers, authors and/or poets. Maybe, it will, maybe not. I don't know about you, but it is finally sinking in after decades and decades that I must have somehow become a real writer. I write about all kinds… Continue reading When do you know you actually are a ‘real’ writer, author and/or poet?