Urgent Symphony

song bird, listen, nature, chirping

If I were a bird, I'd tweet my song: an urgent symphony. and, you are the only one there to hear its music. it plays for you alone. the subtle beauty of nature within bounds of debris of the city must not be missed but listened to. I would fly here and there all day … Continue reading Urgent Symphony

The Beauty of the Sunset

radiant sun poem by steven james humphreys

The beauty of the sunset is knowing there will be a new dawn a raindrop will look like a gem running down a flower's stem chirping birds and the sea so deep and the sky so high reveals there is something in the air that keeps each there and so it is inherent within everything … Continue reading The Beauty of the Sunset

Eyes of the beholder

eye of the beholder, nature, poetry, steven humphreys

Autumn leaves fall slowly like spinning teacups a colorful collusion of brown, green and yellow coffee swirls smelling of sweet burnt cinnamon infusion sunlight pierces through sparkling water streams in the heart of the forest like a white spear beauty never fades there it never dulls in the scope of eternity it doesn't matter whether … Continue reading Eyes of the beholder

Within the bounds of nature

of beauty in nature, renewal, peace, poetry, steven humphreys

what secret force resides within the bounds of nature besides that which we all can see? there is an unseen force for healing a certain invisible vibration when in the midst of its indisputable beauty I rediscover me, my own worth, I am comforted in a warm blanket of peace all within the simplicity of … Continue reading Within the bounds of nature