birds poem by steven james humphreys


I hung a bird feeder up the other day plenty of seed hanging high they sure make a mess of it scattered all over the patio my feathered friends come and go as they please plain birds, the blue, yellows and the red peck at the seeds, go to wash and flutter in my bird… Continue reading birds

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A Walk through the Flower Garden

You soon find out you don't know it all when surrounded by nature's beauty. it is an immersion of the soul in sheer awe... it's not enough for me to stroll through a garden of flowers. no, not at all. it's my inherent duty standing in the shade like a monstrous carved granite statue enthralled… Continue reading A Walk through the Flower Garden

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I walk outside drifting about within my own meditation for a few minutes and look around at the greenery and stand still. I see my birdbath and it has leaves so I rinse it clean filling it with fresh water I look at the ground lizards on the brick wall bathing in the sun tilt… Continue reading Drifting

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Floating like a Cloud

In a dream I was floating like a cloud looking down at golden poppies, green rolling hills, sturdy oaks, gliding doves, and the waves of the ocean crashing on shore rocks I gazed at stars and the moon at night and the sun during the day But, I was not lonely when I awoke my… Continue reading Floating like a Cloud

when I am with you, nature, animals, spirit, god, poetry, steven humphreys
Nature, Pets, Spiritual and beyond

When I am with you

When I am with you my soul is content you are part of me your sky where birds glide your greenery where squirrels forage your earth where my feet walk you are heat you are cold your warm breeze flows through my heart your presence always bringing comfort and joy to my ever yearning soul.… Continue reading When I am with you

Nature, Pets, Spiritual and beyond


Thine own hair so full so dark so flowing such a friend to birds the wind the waves waterfall and Lilly pond alike I listened wisely to the silent call 'go to the mountain top'! so I walked up the jagged trail to its apex and looked out upon the immense sprawling valley below and… Continue reading Hair

in that tree, bird, nature, poetry, steven humphreys
Nature, Pets, Spiritual and beyond

In that tree

Parting with the day the muffled ruffling of my birds in that tree soft bells ring they toll invisibly there is a herd landscape turf heaping in the hamlet stillness droning flight reigns over thee intimate harvest yellow green and red disdainful smiles all in beauty fill our heads it is animated and fleeting gritting… Continue reading In that tree

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Love in a nest

Building a love in a nest from mere straw twigs and paper and then life itself springs forth from the egg what things birds do well from there chirps and worms I give freely to my sacred friends they abound in joyous celebration bathing in my birdbath I put there just for them as I… Continue reading Love in a nest