men, women, power, influence, differences, life, relationships

her relationship with common man was simpatico; resting together like butterflies upon flowers in a field of dreams fluttering their wings in the morning sun. her power usurped by its own femininity was that simple. in strict manner of ipso facto 'the secret of life became no more than living it'. yet, she unwittingly lived … Continue reading Simpatico


vines, alone, death, struggle, living

I felt your smile like an apple with a worm popping its head out. I smelled your gaze as the morning waves crashed on the shore rocks. I heard your mind sing out loud and it tasted like cheap wine as your vines crawled up my spine. yet, you were not here in body. My … Continue reading Vines

Eleven fifty nine and counting

eleven fifty nine and counting, poetry, the end is near, steven humphreys

eleven fifty nine and counting tick tick tick grandfather clock goanna go bong! tension's mounting worried sick beat your chest like old king Kong does best nearing the end ring a ding dong! tired of stupid old movies staying up late same old melody same cheap wine (before I got married the 'fourth' time, I … Continue reading Eleven fifty nine and counting