Long Claws

claws, halloween, werewolf, vampire, poetry, steven humphreys

when your best friend's long claws need some trimmin' teach him how to claw the cat tree like a woman turn him into your personal bartender pouring a cold tall beer this evenin' (with squeezed lemon) up until closin' time (you know when that is. It's when you fall asleep on the pool table, silly!) … Continue reading Long Claws

Baby in a basket

There was a black and white baby in a basket wrapped in a doll's blue blanket on the beach whimpering whining ever so lonely crying yearning for its mother I looked down into this basket sitting on the warm beach sand on a cooling day palm tree fanning above to a bundle of joy not … Continue reading Baby in a basket

Wee Bit of Uncertainty

That wee bit of uncertainty catches ya' off guard, lying in wait within everything you do. this world, how it's made, vivid. become a student through teaching. you don't like what you see because you can't control growing old. take a ride on the three o'clock express; go ahead, make that extra cup of coffee … Continue reading Wee Bit of Uncertainty