Throughout time

throughout time, poetry, steven humphreys, pets, dogs, cats

Throughout time man has loved and virtually worshipped his animals cats and dogs found him maybe a lost kitten or puppy wandered into his cave one cold evening with a soft meow or whimper better no strange caveman wander into the wrong cave unless he wanted his head taken off! but a wide-eyed pup or … Continue reading Throughout time

For the love of nature and pets

for the love of nature and pets, steven humphreys, poetry, poem

Find pity for those poor souls who have no realization that love for mother earth is that essential dimension they have missed: for the love of nature and pets is one of the few precious golden opportunities in life... which otherwise would have made their inner being whole and their outer lives complete

Rain is falling

rain falls mainly in maine, poetry, steven humphreys

rain is falling mainly in Maine Peaks reddening suffering aching watering eyes sedentary plains open mischief disinherited immortality cry from L.A. a banshee's decree immediate woes perfidious is this world fastidious are those unworthy terror rises the calico cat smiles scratching 'Oh my dear! what shall we do?' bow wow meow tweet moo guffaw the sounds the … Continue reading Rain is falling

I Promise I will Find You once Again

They say when you die you forget the previous life including those you've loved each lifetime before that one and before the one before that but please hear my eternal vow (from my soul to yours) 'I Promise I will Find You once Again' I swear even though our memories of each other will be erased clean like … Continue reading I Promise I will Find You once Again