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Poetry of life

I’m sorry

I'm sorry. but, it was not me who did it. time is fleeting. somehow we all know it. yet, we get so distracted. we forget the pure white sand in the hourglass relentlessly streams down and down. flowing. flowing. slowing down for no man be he rich, poor, caring or indifferent, a dignitary or high… Continue reading I’m sorry

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Steve's favorite people

At odds with Socrates

At odds with Socrates not just some mediocre lame a _ _ tease! doesn't necessarily appease and bring you to your knees I'm too busy now making friends with my invisible pal Poe you don't know what gone means till it happens cause' it's not yet seen you shout no!? when you die walking slow you fly… Continue reading At odds with Socrates

Spiritual poetry

Serve one up

the voice asks 'serve one up?' then you know it has come to this and you wonder what is this thing about once we get a handle on being a baby we grow into a toddler? then as a teen once you feel you knew it all you grew into a young adult realizing you once… Continue reading Serve one up

Spiritual poetry

Sloe Gin Fizz

Yes life is but a dream and no one on earth can prove otherwise and when we wake up it'll be all over it is that someday we will wake up dead as a rotten tree as a newborn blade of grass sprouting up through the earth yet on the other hand if you stay… Continue reading Sloe Gin Fizz