Edgar Allan Poe the man behind the Poet

edgar allan poe, poet, poetry

Edgar Allan Poe (the man behind the poet) got me excited about writing poems of my own as a young teen. The poem 'Annabel Lee' affected me greatly, being that I was a romantic idealist. What young poetry writer, isn't? I stayed up all night one weekend and wrote over fifty poems that are now way lost in time. But, … Continue reading Edgar Allan Poe the man behind the Poet

Madness of Poetry

edgar allan poe, steven humphreys, sage, poems, poetry, prose

Why do I write poems? I began writing poetry at a young age shortly after I began reading poems of Edgar Allan Poe and Henry David Thoreau. I give tribute to great poets such as these, including Charles Bukowski. I thank them for my inspiration. Writing in general and especially specific, poetry is my creative outlet. It makes me feel better … Continue reading Madness of Poetry

Poems of the Masters

Henry David Thoreau, poet

I began reading poems of the masters at a young age. PoetryMadness.Com is filled with original poems by (me) Steven Humphreys. Poetry is a reflection of how one sees his own life and a personal interpretation of what goes on around him. It's an outlet to let all my thoughts and emotions out on website paper thereby releasing them in the realm … Continue reading Poems of the Masters

Edgar Allan Poe influenced me

edgar allan poe, steven humphreys, sage, poems, poetry, prose

Edgar Allan Poe influenced me early in life, writing poetry. But much later in life, I wrote Deafly Thinking, Hell Bent, Ode to Uncle Joe, Always, Angel of the Water, Darkly Winged  and Night Blooming Jasmine in that same spirit as when I was a young teen. One poem of his titled "Annabele Lee," moved me deeply. It … Continue reading Edgar Allan Poe influenced me