Ashes to ashes

cremation, ashes to ashes, urn, pet, person, poetry, steven humphreys

A message to all you 'lonely' singles... Marriage ain't what it's cracked up to be. The other week my wife popped up out of nowhere with 'When you die, I will mix your ashes with your dog Bubba'. (I thought, gee, you are doing me such a big favor! just what I want to hear. … Continue reading Ashes to ashes

Are we

are we, drunk, billiards, poetry, steven humphreys

Are we of God? did small pieces break off him so he wouldn't be alone? animals don't soul search they don't require family therapists no one has to tell them anything they are who they should be 'themselves' they are the genuine souls abounding they wonder not what death is like but what of us? … Continue reading Are we

Skeletons in My Closet

Skeletons in my closet nothing faint to despair shake creak and rattle on the hangers they bang on catching up high in No man's sky falling upon depths of love you never had eating dirt walked upon by everyone becoming forgotten everything having to do with pride lost knowing god's law that you can jump only so … Continue reading Skeletons in My Closet