You just might meet a new friend

You just might meet a new friend

If you feel you have no direction in life and are lost with no path to follow you just might need a kiss and a hug Who said you weren't loved? immerse yourself in those things you are passionate about doing get off the couch turn that old TV off and go for a drive… Continue reading You just might meet a new friend

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I sit soundly in your chair

I slept like an unclean pig in a blanket. Oink. I fly as birds do where they will. I'm dead like a tree trunk filled with termites. I revel in your private obliqueness. it is mine to unravel as I will. I straighten my mind's eye seeing what you see at your fingertips. I sit… Continue reading I sit soundly in your chair

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An honest heart

My dear long lost youthful friend I haven't seen you for what feels like a fortnight yet decades of time have passed me by as if I have been sleeping in stillness like the fern gathering its moisture the dew dripping over there off the leaves of corn the leaves drying and the corn will begin… Continue reading An honest heart

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If you were here

If you were here we'd reminisce about the old days but we'd surely remember things differently like we always did don't you think? at last recollection we did not say farewell you and I you know they asked about you when I was there at the gathering some twenty years later because you weren't in attendance what… Continue reading If you were here


Your Favorite You

Your favorite green plant used to sit growing its fingers down the crackling wall it withered away and you found another one at the farmer's market down the dead end street You reach for dull scissors out of habit you remembered to trim its spaghetti hair once a month it loved you it knew you're coming you… Continue reading Your Favorite You



I drew my drapes and opened the patio door for fresh air when I was drinking my coffee I reclined back on my pillows I looked out to a beautiful warm blue sky out of nowhere descended a dark burnt orange Monarch butterfly fluttering its wings like it was being pulled up and down by a puppeteer's… Continue reading Monarch


They have no Rage

If you want to be 'loved' for the person you are, go out today to your local ASPCA & buy a sad eyed cat or dog behind those steel bars. be their hero. be a hero. be your own hero. easy... you were never promised unconditional love when you were born. that reassurance would be… Continue reading They have no Rage