Woman by my Side

Oh woman oh woman by my side what makes ye so unlike me? so sweet so sour so soothing so demanding so full of emotion so in need of understanding yearning for that something from me which cannot be owned by neither of us you are strong you are weak so it goes with me … Continue reading Woman by my Side

I Promise I will Find You once Again

They say when you die you forget the previous life including those you've loved each lifetime before that one and before the one before that but please hear my eternal vow (from my soul to yours) 'I Promise I will Find You once Again' I swear even though our memories of each other will be erased clean like … Continue reading I Promise I will Find You once Again

From Whence He Came

This man, from whence he came didn't tell you his name nor divulge his history. but, you didn't think to ask him something about himself. he wouldn't have told you much, though. so, you did the right thing. but, you do wonder about that because his photos are not there anymore. they all got burnt up maybe scattered … Continue reading From Whence He Came